how internet funding works


Sign up for your free fundraiser.

Once you are added to the list of fundraisers, you can start raising money with every purchase made at our store in support of your cause. A designated account representative will guide you through the entire fundraiser to answer any questions you may have along the way.  This is guaranteed to be the easiest fundraiser you've ever done.

Your organization has two weeks to raise money at our store.

We will send you shareable content to help spread the word to thousands of supporters through e-mail, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Your supporters can go to our website and shop easily from their computer, tablet or phone 24/7. We have hundreds of items your supporters will love -  hats, shirts, sweatshirts, bags, jackets, dog clothes and more. 

Your organization will profit at $5 for every item sold.

At the end of the two week fundraiser, we will send you a check for the money raised. USPS home delivery is $5 per order, plus $3 per item.  Win free prizes contests to help keep the fundraiser exciting for the participants.